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Super Bowl 50 bid: Florida lawmakers reject Dolphins stadium bill

The Bay Area's Super Bowl 50 bid received a significant boost on Friday as Florida lawmakers rejected a bill that would have financed renovations for Sun Life Stadium in Miami.

49ers new stadium

The San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl 50 bid received a huge boost today as the Florida legislature killed a financing plan that was viewed by many as necessary to Miami's bid hopes. The Bay Area and South Florida were squaring off for the rights to the historic Super Bowl, with the loser facing Houston for the rights to Super Bowl 51. The legislature killed the plan by deciding to not vote on it. This in turn means a May 14 Miami-Dade county vote will no longer happen.

This does not guarantee the Bay Area gets Super Bowl 50, but this is about as positive a sign as we could get with the league vote coming in a few weeks. The owners will meet in Boston May 20-22 with the vote happening on May 21. The owners are reviewing the proposals from the two regions, and both regions will get a chance to provide an oral presentation in Boston. The Dolphins now have three weeks to figure out a private financing plan, if they can.

The next two Super Bowls are as follows, 48: East Rutherford, NJ (Met Life Stadium), 49: Glendale, AZ (University of Phoenix Stadium). The Bay Area would likely host Super Bowl 50 and Houston would seem to be a front-runner for Super Bowl 51. Huzzah for NFL stadium blackmail!