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Golden Nuggets: Vernon Davis, Colin Kaepernick work on chemistry

Thursday, May 30, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

"Hey...Hey Kaep...I'm open too sometimes."
"Hey...Hey Kaep...I'm open too sometimes."
Ronald Martinez

The headline for this edition of the Nuggets is an old one. "Colin Kaepernick and Vernon Davis working on chemistry". I remember various stories during last season and young Kaepernick's rise from backup to world beater that touted the growing chemistry or the work in progress that was their chemistry or whatever the prevailing idea was at the time. Now we've got the same thing all over again. What this means is that there is a lack of chemistry. Luckily they have all offseason with Kaep taking first team snaps to sort it out. Vernon Davis is one of the most deadly weapons in the game at the tight end position and to not exploit the mismatches he creates in the passing game would be a failure, especially with Michael Crabtree lost for most of the season.

Well, there's a helluva storm here in Melbourne, I'm late and soaking here goes minimum chit chat Nuggets.

Vernon Davis / Chemistry Links

BASG takes a look at Vernon Davis' comments. He says he's not concerned with putting up bigger numbers with Crabtree am. I want to see some numbers. I appreciate him toeing the standard team-first line, but someone or someones need to account for 1,100 yards and a bunch of touchdowns. | Vernon Davis isn't concerned with putting up bigger numbers with Michael Crabtree out (BASG)

Eric Branch brings up a good point. Of the 5 players Kaep targeted most in the passing game, 4 will most likely not be on the field come the opening game vs Green Bay. Delanie Walker and Randy Moss are off the team and Crabtree and Mario Manningham figure to be out injured. | And you are? Beyond Davis, few familiar targets for Kaepernick (Branch)

Davis wants to joke with Kaepernick off the field, catch passes from him on it (Inman)

Assorted OTA News

And for all of you Nnamdi Asomugha fans, and I know many of you were very keen for us to sign him, we're starting to get the reports back from practice. Here's a long story with some video embedded. | Asomugha comfortable with SF defense (

Barrows discusses who's reaping the benefits from some of our key contributors' absences. | The other half: Which 49ers benefit from starters' absences (Barrows)

49ers injuries: Who gets the playing time at OTAs? (Gin)

Other News

It looks like Kendall Hunter is ready to rock. Well, I'm ready to rock. He's ready to run the football, dodging in and out of the Seadderall defense (my favorite diss at the moment). I'm actually just ready to write about him doing it. | Hunter: 'I can do anything and everything' (Maiocco) is doing a series on the top quarterbacks under 25. Colin Kaepernick comes in at No.3 and here's the write up. It's always fun to read what the national media has to say about our beloved team. Especially when they heap praise on us. There's lots of video embedded for you. | Top 10 QBs 25 and under (

Adam Snyder happy to be back with 49ers in valuable backup role (NBC)

Kendall Hunter gives 49ers some good Achilles news (PFT)

Kyle Williams makes progress (

Kwame Harris: Why orientation is relevant (Sando)

Youth served, but room for veterans too (Sando)

Former SC running back Marcus Lattimore to push Medicaid (Sac Bee)

Jim Harbaugh collection on sale now (

Jed York on KNBR (

49ers star Brent Jones recalls rise from training camp scrub to Bay Area HOF (Inman)

Being a Sheep

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