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What is the one moment in 49ers' history you would change?

An offseason discussion giving you a chance to go back in San Francisco 49ers history and change one moment. Which one would it be?

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Things are a little quiet, and while we'll have plenty of analysis about the 2013 49ers, it can be fun to have more community oriented content from time to time. We started with a rundown of why people chose their NN screen name, and then followed that up with a community interactive map.

Today I thought I'd throw out a question that has passed around some of the other SB Nation NFL blogs. If you had the power to change one moment from the 49ers history, what would it be? It is a specific moment when something happened, as opposed to a game or a string of plays, or anything like that.

I'd imagine I can predict the most popular one: Lawrence Phillips would not miss the block that resulted in the hit that ended Steve Young's career. Or maybe you take a step back even further and just say, the 49ers do not decide to sign Lawrence Phillips. Either way, Phillips would be prominently involved.

That's a tough one for me because while Steve Young might not have been subsequently concussed on that particular play, you have to think there was a chance for another big concussion. It's speculative to a degree, but given his history, this kind of moment was not completely unexpected. But I understand the bitterness toward Phillips.

If I had to pick an on-field moment, it would be the 1991 NFC Championship Game. Roger Craig had a fumble nobody will forget. Maybe the Giants would have figured out a way to win that game anyway, but if Roger Craig does not fumble the ball, odds are pretty high that the 49ers win that game. Maybe they don't win the Super Bowl, but you gotta think there's a pretty good chance they become the first team to win three straight Super Bowls.

Are there any other moments of note you'd consider on or off the field? I thought about the bribery scandal involving Eddie DeBartolo, but that might be one instance where things worked out fine in the long run. Jed York might still have gotten involved with the team eventually, but who knows how things might have otherwise turned out. After the franchise nose-dived in the '00s, Jed York has turned things around and has the franchise set up for sustained success.

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