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The Dallas Cowboys 2013 draft board and 49ers picks

The Dallas Cowboys 2013 draft board has leaked out. How do the 49ers picks compare to it?

Joe Robbins

If you haven't seen it yet, thanks to various screen-shots of the Dallas Cowboys draft war room, our Cowboys blog (Blogging the Boys) was able to piece together what the team's draft board looked like. This follows three years ago when the board appeared around the fifth round of the 2010 NFL Draft. It wasn't a huge problem, but it was an amusing result of Jerry Jones loving him some TV time.

For 49ers fans, the 2010 leak provided us with some context for the 49ers draft picks. The Cowboys had linebacker NaVorro Bowman rated as a first-round pick, and they had offensive tackle Anthony Davis rated as a third-round pick. As we all know, the 49ers went the reverse of that in making their selections.

Every team has their own draft board, and while there might be consensus here or there, there are going to be sizable differences throughout. We see noticeable differences with Bowman and Davis, and they are still there, albeit slightly less, in looking at some of the 49ers draft picks this year.

If you look at the Cowboys assembled big board, they had several of the 49ers picks down a round later. They had Eric Reid as a second-round pick, Cornellius Carradine and Vance McDonald as third-round picks, and Corey Lemonier as a fourth-round pick. They had Quinton Patton as a fourth-round pick, where the 49ers drafted him, and they did not have Marcus Lattimore on their board.

Given how the Cowboys sometimes seem to draft, I'm almost relieved the 49ers aren't lining up with how they were looking at the field. At the same time, it does provide some insight into how one team looked at a large portion of the 2013 rookies.

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