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What's the most random 49ers jersey you own?

Plenty of people own Patrick Willis, Frank Gore, Joe Montana and Steve Young jerseys. Who owns the best obscure jersey.

Todd Warshaw /Allsport

In our continued efforts to keep people here entertained, I thought we'd continue our run of community-oriented content with one of the most basic of topics: jerseys. Plenty of people here own 49ers jerseys, but for most people, the jersey is a popular player.

I myself have several jerseys, but they are all generally well-known players. I've got both home and away Patrick Willis jerseys. The home is one of the newer versions, while the road has the gold mixed in from earlier in his career. I don't really wear that road one anymore. I never was a fan of those jerseys around 2007, 2008.

I also have a Joe Montana "throwback", although those 80s jerseys aren't exactly significant throwbacks. Along with that I've got a Jerry Rice jersey, and of course, old faithful: my Alex Smith jersey. I bought the Smith jersey his rookie year, and I've never had a piece of clothing get in and out of the back of the closet so frequently. It was quite a ride, but now I'm not really sure what to do with the No. 11. The classy look would be duct-taping over Smith's name and writing in Patton.

My most "random" jersey would have to be the No. 21 I own. No, it's not Frank Gore. It's a Deion Sanders jersey from his one season with the 49ers. It's not quite as random as some random crappy player, but it's still pretty random. It's the normal cherry ride and white, so the only way it would have been more random is if it had been the shadowed throwback from that season.

So, what random jerseys do you own? If you have pictures, feel free to drop them in the comments.