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How do you rank young quarterbacks?

A look at some rankings covering young quarterbacks. What is Colin Kaepernick's floor, and where does he rank among the great young quarterbacks in the game.

Harry How

As is often the case when things get quiet, national media put together various lists of players, teams, events, or pretty much anything. Over at, Gregg Rosenthal put together his list of the ten best quarterbacks 25 or under. It was a subjective ranking, but it still makes for interesting discussion.

49ers QB Colin Kaepernick is 25, turning 26 in November. Rosenthal included him at No. 3 in his rankings, with Andrew Luck at the top and Robert Griffin III ranked second. Since we always need to know where the Seahawks fit into this, Rosenthal ranked Russell Wilson No. 5, with Cam Newton separating Wilson and Kaepernick.

You can check out Rosenthal's rundown of Kaepernick over at He is high on most of the young quarterbacks, and in a brief Twitter exchange he told me he almost felt too sunny with the top young quarterbacks. And I can kind of see that. He provided a floor and a ceiling for each player, and described Kap's floor as follows:

t's hard to imagine Kaepernick as anything but a player who makes multiple Pro Bowls and remains a top- 10 quarterback for much of his career. That's the floor, and he should be there this year.

Is that really possible that his floor is multiple Pro Bowls and top-10 status for much of his career? I could see that as a hoped for career average of sorts, but for a floor, that's pretty crazy. I think we all know Kap's ceiling is ridiculously high, if one even exists, but what about a floor? It's easy to be pie in the sky, everything's great, but that is not always the case. What do people see with this?

And amidst the rankings of quarterbacks, where would you rank Colin Kaepernick now, and when his career ends with this group of young QBs? It's kind of ridiculous the level of young quarterbacking out there right now. Are we in a golden age for quarterbacks? Or does this come up every few years?