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Golden Nuggets: Colin Kaepernick Vs. Russell Wilson Debate

Sunday, May 5, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Ahmad Brooks looks to give Russell Wilson a sophomore slumping.
Ahmad Brooks looks to give Russell Wilson a sophomore slumping.
Brian Bahr

So I leave the Nuggets alone for two days and look what happens. I've never seen such a right kerfuffle in my life. I won't even add my two cents because I have a feeling it'll get the same response. Needless to say, A.J. does have a lot to prove. Every first-rounder does. Most make some strides toward proving it in their first year. He didn't. It means he's got farther to go in each of the coming years. I'll leave it at that.

In other news, Feliz Cinco de Mayo.

In other news, Pro Football Focus, hereby to be referred to as PFF, has issued their player rankings. Russell Wilson is number 23 in the league. That's a bit high for me. I'm not a Wilson-hater. I hate the Seahawks, but Wilson seems like the only decent person on the team.

Richard Sherman made Skip Bayless look like a good guy! (YouTube)

Golden Tate broke into a donut store for a maple bar. (Seattle Times)

Pete Carroll, never trust a man with two first names (same goes for Sherman). (Random Meme)

Golden isn't even a name, it's an adjective.

So, where does Colin Kaepernick rank on this list...81st, people. 81st. Russell Wilson is 23 and Colin Kaepernick is 81. I guess PFF stands for, Please, Fool Fool ... that doesn't make much sense, but you get my disgust, don't you? BASG gives you some numbers. | PFF ranks Colin Kaepernick 81st in top 101, Russell Wilson 23rd (BASG)

So who cares if ESPN has the Seahawks ahead of the 49ers in their power rankings. Roger Goodell's personal media arm, the ministry of propaganda, er ..., has the 49ers ranked No.1. Booyah! | Power Rankings: 49ers, Seahawks top list after 2013 NFL Draft (

Post-draft West ranks: Revisiting LBs (Sando)

VIDEO - Marcus Lattimore's draft journey (

'Nothing changes' for Bay Area Super Bowl bid (Maiocco)

Top 5 fan favorite 2013 49ers draft picks (49erswebzone)

That's all. I had to get this done a bit earlier than usual due to a raging hangover and other writing. So put some links in the comments if you find them. Thanks!!!

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