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Niners Nation random post-draft open thread

An off-topic open thread for people to chat away during the slow days of the NFL offseason.


The 2013 NFL Draft is in our rear view mirror, rookies will be in the Bay Area later this week for minicamp, and the team is getting in their offseason workout program. All in all, things have quieted down and we're now in that trudge toward the start of training camp in late July. We'll hear about the team's workouts over the next month and a half, but otherwise, the players will hopefully stay out of the news.

We'll still have plenty of content for you, so do not fret. However, I wanted to post an open thread for any and all discussion people wanted to have in the coming days, and potentially weeks. We had such a thread shortly after the Super Bowl as a way for people to try and forget about the game. There are not games to forget about now, but everybody wants a distraction to speed up the next three months.

The good news about the coming weeks is that we are entering summer movie blockbuster season. I'm sure some folks here prefer their indie films, but I'm always a fan of blowing stuff up and general summer blockbuster entertainment. I saw Iron Man 3 this weekend. It was a lot of fun, and I think I enjoyed it more than Iron Man 2. I'm not a comic book guy, but I do enjoy a lot of the comic book movies. Speaking of which, I'll definitely be checking out Man of Steel later this summer. Christopher Nolan (Batman trilogy director) is a producer on this Superman re-boot, so my expectations are a little high.

Other than that, I'll be getting in plenty of baseball over the coming months. I went in on a ticket plan with a friend of mine for a small Washington Nationals ticket package, so I'll be checking out a decent amount of Nationals baseball in the coming months. It was fun last year, so I figure it should be fun this year. We'll see.

What are people doing to keep themselves occupied during the summer months?