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Golden Nuggets: Marcus Lattimore's long road back

Monday, May 6, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Marcus Lattimore ponders his recovery, perhaps by a lake, perhaps at a Pro Day.
Marcus Lattimore ponders his recovery, perhaps by a lake, perhaps at a Pro Day.

Brrr....It's getting cold here in Australia. 37 degrees in the morning on the way to work. It's a bit early for that kind of nonsense. You may be thinking to yourself, why is Aaron blabbering about the weather in Australia. Well, there's really not much to write about. I do expect at least 100 comments below with people getting rabidly passionate one way or the other. It's been that way for the last three editions, and I see no reason for it to change.

East Bay Sports Guy starts us off by tempering the excitement we all have at the idea of a fully healthy Marcus Lattimore wreaking havoc on defenses. The road to recovery is long and hard. Yes, many have come back to full strength from similar injuries but Lattimore's was particularly devastating. | Expectation for Marcus Lattimore are best tempered (BASG)

I don't generally link to Peter King's MMQB because fans of his know where to find it and on any given Monday during the year there's more than enough linkage to go around. But today being what it is (slow as heck), and with King explaining exactly why the 49ers will control the 2014 draft (yes, again) on page 1, I thought I'd include it. There's also a good bit about Super Bowl L and it's imminent arrival in Santa Clara. Enjoy. | Looking back on the 2013 Draft and how team strategies played out. (King)

Grant Cohn give us position battles. His answer for who will win WR3 is exactly what I said yesterday in the #Channel49 Mailbag post...hey! It was a completely, independently original thought of mine that Kyle Williams and Mario Manningham are returning from injuries and Quinton Patton might snag the job. | The 49ers' top 10 offseason position battles (Cohn)

Post-draft West ranks: Revisiting safeties (Sando)

That's it guys...I want a clean fight, no eye-gouging, no hair-pulling, no karate chops below the belt. Now, touch gloves. FIGHT!!!!

Being a Sheep

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