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Alex Smith trade: How 49ers can get Chiefs second round pick in 2014

The 49ers traded Alex Smith for a 2013 second round pick and a 2014 conditional pick. We have a better idea of the conditions involved.


When the San Francisco 49ers traded Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs, there was a variety of speculation about the picks that were involved in the deal. Tim Kawakami had some of the initial reports about a 2013 second round pick and a conditional 2014 pick. Eventually, word spread that the 2014 pick was a third that could become a second if conditions were met.

Thanks to Peter King, we seem to have the condition in hand. According to King, the 49ers will get a second round pick if the Chiefs finish 8-8 or better, and will receive a third round choice if the Chiefs finish 7-9 or worse. I thought there was something about Alex Smith playing time involved, but King does not reference that.

This becomes a bit of a reverse of Panthers Watch from recent seasons. As recently as last season, we found ourselves rooting against the Panthers so the 49ers could get a higher pick in a given round. This year, we will be rooting for the Chiefs to finish with at least a .500 record. Go Chiefs!

Now that we have a better idea of the picks involved, we get a little closer to a final tally for Alex Smith. The 49ers traded the first pick in the trade, moving back six spots in the second round in a deal with the Titans. That trade netted that new second, a seventh round pick and a third round pick in 2014. The 49ers used the second on Tank Carradine and packaged the acquired seventh in their move up in the third to acquire Corey Lemonier.

This sets the 49ers up to have as many as six picks in the first three rounds of the 2014 NFL Draft. They hold their own one, two and three, they have the Titans third round pick (Titans watch is on!), they have the Chiefs' third that could become a second, and they could conceivably get a third round compensatory pick for Dashon Goldson. There are factors to be assessed, but worst case would seem to indicate the 49ers get a fourth round comp pick.

And just because any article about the Chiefs is a good enough excuse to show this classic commercial! Go Chefs!