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49ers Tattoos: Who's got 'em?

Plenty of folks love their 49ers tattoos. We take a look at some pictures sent out over Twitter.

@Kaepernick7 on Instagram

On Sunday evening, 49ers CEO Jed York retweeted someone who sent along a picture of their new 49ers tattoo. Here is a quick look at the tattoo:

I retweeted that, and then decided to inquire who else had gotten a 49ers related tattoo. I got quite a few responses with some great tattoos. I thought I'd post a few of them in here. If you have a picture of a 49ers tattoo, feel free to post it in the comments. If you aren't sure how to post a picture in the comments, upload the photo somewhere (whether it be twitter, flickr or wherever), then just above the body of the comment, click the third icon from the right. That will allow you to insert a URL for the picture.