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49ers draft picks 2014: Enter the Titanic Chefs Watch

The 49ers hold a pair of picks from the Titans and Chiefs draft picks in the 2014 NFL Draft. Time to figure out the necessary rooting interests!

Jamie Squire

Yesterday, Peter King reported some additional details about the Alex Smith trade, and how it could net the 49ers a second round pick if the Chiefs went 8-8. If the Chiefs finish 8-8 or better, the 49ers get a second round pick. If the Chiefs finish 7-9 or worse, the 49ers get a third round pick. This leaves us rooting for the Chiefs all season long!

In recent years, we've had "Panthers Watch" as we rooted for Panthers losses to boost 49ers draft positioning. Although we are rooting for the Chiefs to actually win in 2013, we do still get a little bit of Panthers Watch-style entertainment as we root against the Tennessee Titans. The 49ers acquired the Titans third round pick in 2014, in a move that allowed Tennessee to move up in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

And so, we begin what I think I will be calling "Titanic Chefs Watch". For those that think Chefs is a typo, please watch this Snickers commercial. It's a bit dated at this point, but I remain determined to get Titanic Chefs Watch going in 2013!

On Monday, I put together a look at how the 49ers shape up against the spread in 2013. Cantor Gaming put together point spreads for every game in Weeks 1 through 16. Given that we have that information at our disposal, I thought I would take a quick look at how the Chiefs and Titans both shape up against the spread in 2013.

Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs at Jaguars (+3)
Cowboys at Chiefs (+1.5)
Chiefs at Eagles (-3)
Giants at Chiefs (+1.5)
Chiefs at Titans (Pick)
Raiders at Chiefs (-4.5)
Texans at Chiefs (+2.5)
Browns at Chiefs (-2.5)
Chiefs at Bills (-1.5)
Chiefs at Broncos (-7.5)
Chargers at Chiefs (-1)
Broncos at Chiefs (+4)
Chiefs at Redskins (-4.5)
Chiefs at Raiders (Pick)
Colts at Chiefs (-1)
Week 17 (not listed)

The Chiefs find themselves favored in five of the listed 15 games. Last season, the Chiefs were 2-14 overall and 5-11 against the spread. I shot a quick email over to Joel Thorman at Arrowhead Pride, and he had some general comments about whether or not the team could hit that 8-8 mark:

Considering the Chiefs are a 2-14 team, it's hard to claim they can legitimately go 8-8 next season but many of us in Kansas City believe that's the case. The were not as bad as their 2-14 record indicated last year. We've said this for a couple years now and the record hasn't indicated it but: this is a good roster. A competent quarterback, which some in Kansas City believe Alex Smith is, could really the tie the room together.

8-8 is possible, but it's going to take some work. I did a quick scan of the schedule and had them looking at 6-9 heading into the final week of the season. They're coming off an awful season, so it's not a simple process projecting out wins. How likely or not do you see 8-8?

Tennessee Titans

Titans at Steelers (-7)
Titans at Texans (-7.5)
Chargers at Titans (+2.5)
Jets at Titans (+1)
Chiefs at Titans (Pick)
Titans at Seahawks (-11)
49ers at Titans (+7)
Titans at Rams (-4.5)
Jaguars at Titans (-3.5)
Colts at Titans (+1)
Titans at Raiders (-1)
Titans at Colts (-4.5)
Titans at Broncos (-10)
Cardinals at Titans (-1)
Titans at Jaguars (Pick)
Week 17 (not listed)

The Titans are only favored in one game, with two set as pick 'ems. They face a fairly difficult schedule, although I think they are a team that is going to be better than the oddsmakers might given them credit for at this point. For example, the Titans are initially listed as a one point underdog vs. the Jets, 2-1/2 point underdogs against the Chargers, and a pick 'em against the Chiefs. All three strike me as winnable games.

While I think the 49ers should be able to beat them, that could still prove to be a difficult matchup for San Francisco. I certainly hope the Titans can struggle their way up the draft, but I'm not holding my breath on this one. That being said, every extra third round pick is always welcome.

I don't plan on overwhelming the site with Chiefs and Titans news, but we will be paying a little closer attention to them this season. If we see any particularly key injuries or roster moves, there is a chance we'll update it. When the Chiefs and/or Titans are playing at a different time than the 49ers, they will often be the focus of the non-49ers game thread. For those who have not been apart of Panthers Watch, the idea is to just keep folks informed about the teams since they impact the 49ers draft picks in 2014.

And thus begins Titanic Chefs Watch 2013!