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Golden Nuggets: Adam Snyder's return, UDFAs & More

Wednesday, May 8 , 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

This picture of Adam Snyder & Frank Gore has some explaining to do
This picture of Adam Snyder & Frank Gore has some explaining to do
Rich Schultz

Two things are being talked about in the Ninersworld. Adam Snyder has returned home and brings a ton of versatility and experience to our backups at OL. The depth chart will be better off for having him, plus he's familiar with the schemes and many of the players. Welcome back Adam. The other topic of the day is the official signing of the UDFAs to the roster. There are some quiet ones and some extremely big British ones.

I'm pushing you into the abyss that is the links because I'm running late getting home from work. Enjooooooyyyyyyyyyy!

Adam Snyder Returns

Matt Maiocco brings up what we all already know. Adam Snyder is a versatile addition, familiar with the team, and is inexpensive. | Snyder can play wherever 49ers need him (Maiocco)

And for all of you who wanted us to go after the aged / ageless Charles Woodson, this may put a damper on it. | 49ers up against the cap after Snyder signing (Maiocco)

Adam Snyder brings versatility (

It's Fun to Stay at the UDFA

Eric Branch gives us the scoop on all 12 of the 49ers UDFAs with an accompanying photo gallery. Get to know these long shots, some could be around for months. | Undrafted dozen: 49ers sign rookie free agents (Branch)

49ers sign 12 undrafted free agents (

49ers sign Anthony Santella, 12 undrafted free agents (Gin)

GALLERY - 49ers sign 12 undrafted rookie free agents (Gin)

NFC West News

BASG has taken a look at the draft grades given out for the teams in the NFC West. Using a school-style grading system, he's calculated the GPA for each team. Guess who wins? Oh, wait, spoiler title. | 49ers' draft moves them to the head of the class in the NFC West (BASG)

Betting this item gets NFC West fans going (Sando)

Fresh talent for long forgotten veterans (Sando)

2013 draft picks putting veterans on alert (Sando)

Iupati, oh no

Mike Iupati has apparently had some shoulder surgery. It's considered minor, though the exact nature of the injury is unknown due to all things 49ers being shrouded in a cloak of secrecy. | Iupati had offseason surgery, likely to miss some OTAs (Barrows)

Mike Iupati had surgery, most likely to miss part of OTAs (Gin)

Assorted News

One player who's name was on many tongues prior to the draft, but who may have been dealt the biggest setback in its aftermath was Ricardo Lockette. I do think that Coach Harbaugh likes him and he is blazingly fast. But with Quinton Patton falling into the teams laps in the 4th round, he may have been bumped too far down the depth chart. | Ricardo Lockette sets big goals (

Lombardi Mountain (49erswebzone)

49ers new stadium bike lane to cost $56,500 - just for a study (Mercury News)

Matt Maiocco's 49ers chat transcript (5.7.13) (Maiocco)

'Kapernicking' with the first lady (CSN)

49ers draft philosophy, according to Harbaugh: "Big guys that play very physical" (Cohn, the Younger)

Clothes truly do make the Harbaugh (Cohn, the Elder)

Being a Sheep

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