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49ers undrafted free agents: Lowell Rose, Darryl Morris lead way in UDFA signing bonuses

The 49ers signed 12 undrafted free agents this past week, making them official on Tuesday. We have some early numbers on signing bonuses.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday afternoon, the San Francisco 49ers announced their 12 recent undrafted free agent signings for 2013. The team could add another player, but at this point, this will be most of their haul.

It is always interesting learning more about these signings because these are guys who are getting a small amount of money as they try and pursue their dream. The players get a small signing bonus, but usually nothing else is guaranteed. They are signed to multi-year contracts at the league minimum (starting at 405,000 in 2013), but nothing aside from the signing bonus is guaranteed.

Matt Maiocco reported on signing bonus numbers for a few members of the 2013 class. According to Maiocco's source, Lawrence Okoye is getting a $3,000 signing bonus, while CBs Darryl Morris (Texas State) and Lowell Rose (Tulsa) lead the way with signing bonuses of $8,000. Those are not huge differences, but it shows some level of intrigue by the team. We'll see if any of the higher signing bonuses boost a player's chances of making the roster.