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49ers new stadium naming rights: Santa Clara to vote on Levi's

The San Francisco 49ers appear to have figured out a naming rights partner for their new stadium. San Francisco-based Levi's is set to get the deal.

NBC Bay Area is reporting the Santa Clara City Council has scheduled a vote for Thursday to determine whether Levi Strauss & Co will be allowed to purchase the naming rights to the 49ers new Santa Clara stadium. There is no word yet on the money that will be involved, although it should be pretty significant.

In case you are a new user over the last two months, or you just don't remember the article, I wrote about this two months ago. Earlier this year, Levi's registered several stadium domain names. They registered Levi Field, Levi Stadium and Levi Strauss Park. There was no specific word on what it might apply to, particularly given that multiple Bay Area teams are in the market for or building new stadiums.

With a little bit of "connect the dots", it became clear to me that Levi's was a very realistic option for the naming rights at the 49ers new stadium. Among other things, the head of the San Francisco Super Bowl committee, Daniel Lurie, is Peter Haas' step-son. Haas spent his life working for Levi Strauss in a variety of management positions. Additionally, Lurie founded Tipping Point, which is a charity in which Jed York is deeply involved. Oh, and Levi's is a San Francisco company that originally developed as a supplier for the gold rushing 49ers back in the 1800s.

The 49ers and Levi's have scheduled a press conference for 11:00 a.m. PT today, at which point I imagine the official announcement will go down. That would seem to make the vote a mere formality. You can view it at