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Will Levi Strauss naming rights deal affect Jim Harbaugh's wardrobe?

Today, the 49ers officially announced that Levi Strauss has purchased the naming rights to the new stadium. Clearly, this is a big deal, but especially to Jim Harbaugh.


At today's press conference, the San Francisco 49ers officially announced it's agreement with Levi Strauss for naming rights to the new stadium. As a formality, Santa Clara City Council will have to vote on Thursday to make it official.

Immediately, after the news broke, 49ers fans began with the jean banter and joked about the stadium dress code. But, this is no joking matter. Jim Harbaugh will not be wearing jeans. Ever. Clearly, Jed York took him into consideration with this deal.

Fans should be aware, Levi Strauss & Co. owns Dockers & Co. Nobody needs to fret. Jim Harbaugh will still be able to sport his khakis. No doubt, he is not the only one who is breathing a sigh of relief with this deal.