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From Candlestick Park to Levi's Stadium: Something old, something new...

The close of Candlestick Park and the opening of Levi's Stadium provides a variety of opportunities to purchase new and old memorabilia. We've got a look at seats and bricks!


The San Francisco 49ers will be moving into Levi's Stadium for the 2014 season, and once that happens, Candlestick Park will be demolished. The area will be used for a shopping district, and potentially a 3,000-4,000 seat arena for small concerts and other events.

Earlier today, Jed York made an appearance on NFL AM to discuss the 49ers new stadium and the team heading into 2013. In discussing the team, he mentioned how a lot of people had been asking him whether they can take their seat or something else from Candlestick Park at the end of the season. York is working to make that happen, but the process remains on-going. Candlestick Park is owned by the city, so Cam Inman followed up and got some helpful information:

On a related note, as the 49ers prepare to move into Levi's Stadium in 2014, some of you may recall the team's plan to sell commemorative bricks. That is still in the works, although they are not yet available for purchase. I contacted the company handling this and they are going to let me know when the bricks are available for sale. Once that happens, I'll have contact information for people who want to buy their own brick.

That being said, my initial idea is to purchase a Niners Nation brick with the inscription KSWOF. For the new people, that stands for KORY SHEETS WAS OUR FUTURE (caps required) and is one of the longest running jokes on the site. Head over to this FanPost, to read more background on that one. As we move toward training camp and the preseason, I guarantee you will see a lot of references to KSWOF.

The bricks range in price from $175 to $375 depending on size and length of the inscription on the brick. With and KSWOF on the brick, that would hopefully keep us in the lower price range. And if not, so be it, we'll still buy one. I'll throw in the first $50, and then hopefully folks around here will be interested in chipping in.

It would be cool to have something so permanent at the new stadium. Then, if the bricks are readily accessible for pictures, people can take their picture with the NN brick whenever they are at games!