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Levi's Stadium: Levi Strauss approved as 49ers naming rights partner

Santa Clara has approved Levi Strauss as the official naming rights partner for the 49ers new stadium. What kind of nicknames would work on Levi's Stadium?

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A day after the 49ers and Levi Strauss conducted a joint press conference to introduce a naming rights proposal, the Santa Clara Stadium Authority has approved the deal. The two sides came together with a proposal spanning 20 years for $220 million, with a five year follow-up option worth $75 million.

The 49ers will move into their new stadium in a little over a year, kicking off the 2014 campaign in Santa Clara. Ideally they will be opening a Super Bowl defense, but we'll just have to wait and see how the 2013 season goes.

Even before then, we'll find out in a week and a half whether or not the 49ers might have an opportunity to win a Super Bowl in their own stadium. The league is holding their spring meeting in Boston on May 21, and they will be voting on the hosts of Super Bowl 50 and 51.

Now that it is definitely going to be Levi's Stadium, are there any thoughts on nicknames for the stadium? Candlestick lent itself well to "The Stick", and even just "Candlestick" always rolled off the tongue well. I've seen everything from "Field of Jeans" to "The Levi" to "The Jean" (Tre9er had that one). For me, something like "The 501" sounds kinda cool. I can't figure out how to connect the number to the 49ers beyond 501 jeans, but it just sounds good. Any other suggestions?