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Eric Mangini joining Jim Harbaugh coaching staff as "Senior Offensive Consultant"

The 49ers have added another mind to their coaching staff. Chris Mortensen is reporting the 49ers have hired Eric Mangini as an offensive consultant.

Matt Sullivan

ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting the 49ers have made an addition to their coaching staff, hiring Eric Mangini as "senior offensive consultant". The 49ers were initially connected to Mangini in a report by Jason LaCanfora last month.

Mangini's experience is on defense, and while this job is as an offensive consultant, Mangini can use his defensive knowledge to help the 49ers offense. One can look at the Kansas City Chiefs decision to hire former Nevada head coach and Pistol formation inventor Chris Ault as a defensive consultant. In Ault's case, the rise of the Pistol in the NFL means he can provide defenses with instruction on how to handle it.

In the case of Mangini, his general offensive knowledge will hopefully be a boost to an already growing 49ers offense. Defenses are going to spend all offseason figuring out adjustments to Colin Kaepernick and the newly explosive 49ers offense. The key to the continued growth of Kap and the entire offense will be countering those adjustments. Mangini could potentially provide some valuable assistance in this development.