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Golden Nuggets: Anquan Boldin getting better? Nick Moody, ST Star

Monday, June 10, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

"Hell yeah, I'm getting better," Anquan Boldin seems to be saying.
"Hell yeah, I'm getting better," Anquan Boldin seems to be saying.
Grant Halverson

I'm starting this edition of the Nuggets off with a piece on Anquan Boldin because it could help alleviate a lot of concerns that many of us have in the wake of the Michael Crabtree injury. Watching Boldin in the playoffs was like watching a master at work. It didn't matter how blanketed he was, he caught the ball. We'll need a little bit of that this season. The other thing we'll need a lot of is special teams help. We regressed so bad last season you could say we degressed, or ungressed. There was no gression left. Nick Moody may be able to help.

There's not much news going around, so lets get to it.


East Bay Sports Guy takes a stats-based look at why Anquan Boldin is getting better with age. Conventional wisdom says that a wide receiver who was never fast to begin and starts to lose a step is in trouble. But Boldin's brilliance comes from strength and will, two things that aren't waning. We could see a big year out of him, which would come in handy, considering the state of the team's wide receivers. | Anquan Boldin gets better with age (BASG)

Nick Moody was the rare college football star defender who stood out on special teams. His coach at FSU would always tell players that it was the most likely way to make a career at the next level. Moody listened. He was brought in to help shore up the ST unit, and we may have gotten a gem. | Ex-coach: 49ers LB Moody ‘bought into' unglamorous college role (Branch)

If anyone wanted an update on our cap situation, it's $2.2 million under. Eric Reid and Corey Lemonier are still unsigned, but there's more than enough to sign them. | Recent deals leave 49ers $2.2 million under cap (Maiocco)

Former 49ers lineman recalls facing Deacon Jones: ‘He had this big head slap' (Mercury News)

Harbaugh's hiring of Mangini resonates on a few levels (Kroichick)

Walsh, Lombardi and the NFC West (Sando)

Being a Sheep

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