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Marcus Lattimore ran some sprints today

We've got a picture of Marcus Lattimore running a sprint. It's quite the day!


Yes, that is a picture of Marcus Lattimore running sprints at the 49ers first day of minicamp. According to Taylor Price, Lattimore ran a few sprints today under the supervision of the 49ers medical staff. Lattimore is likely to start training camp on the NFI list, and will probably spend all of training camp and the regular season on the list.

Over the course of minicamp and training camp, we won't have much news about 49ers running back Marcus Lattimore. And once the regular season hits, if Lattimore is still on the NFI list, there will be even less information. That is the primary reason I wanted to post this. I'd like to at least attempt to keep track of what Lattimore is up to over the course of the next year before he hopefully steps in to make a significant impact in 2014. We'll see if he speaks with the media at any point over the next few days.