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Colin Kaepernick talks about disrespectful critics, Kaepernicking in 2013 and more with Jim Rome

Colin Kaepernick discussed his tattoos and the possibility he won't be "Kaepernicking" next season on the Jim Rome on Showtime last night. We look at the interview.


Colin Kaepernick made an appearance on the Jim Rome on Showtime show, which aired last night. Rome routinely comes up with interesting questions, so I was interested to see how Kap would interview.

Rome introduced Kap as "electric," "lightning" and the "QB of the San Francisco 49ers." All in all, there was nothing groundbreaking, but it was a fun interview nonetheless.

First, Rome inquired about Harbaugh's statement of Kap getting "too muscular for a quarterback" and wanted to know if Harbaugh was serious when he stated he didn't want the young QB to get "too jacked up." Kap was quick to state he did not believe Harbaugh to be serious and added the coach knew how hard he works to be ready for the season. Still, he noted there was a "fine line" to be big as a QB, but still be flexible and mobile.

Rome made a point of referencing Kaepernicking. He stated that Aaron Rodgers believed his "discount double check" move eventually got old, and Rodgers eventually pushed it off to the side. Rome asked Kaepernick, "What do you do with your thing? Do you leave it with last season? Or, if you break off with a long run in week number one, is Colin Kaepernick going to be Kaepernicking once again?" Kaepernick stated, "Uhhh, I am not too sure. We're going to wait and find out once the season comes around."

Rome followed up, "You have no idea at this point?" Kap replied, "Uhhh, no, I'm undecided right now." Kap smiled emphatically, so I am hoping he's trying to create suspense.

Rome referred to the Instagram photo of Kap and several players on the St. Louis Rams "Kaepernicking," but pointed out Chris Long in the background flipped the bird. As division rivals, Rome wanted to know what was more indicative of how the Rams felt about Kap, i.e., the respect they were giving him in that moment Kaepernicking or the guy in the background? Kap said there was mutual respect. He believed these players understood his tattoos do not imply any derogatory meaning; but, at the same time, Long wanted to make sure that everyone knew they were all still rivals.

If you want to see more on Kap's ""Against All Odds" tattoo and his take on how he was portrayed in Madden last year, here's the video.

Rome then questioned the initial notion Kap is just a freaky athlete who is "just playing sandlot out there." Kap replied, "I think that is disrespectful. I think it's demeaning. And, I think any quarterback that's playing in the NFL ... [has] to have a high mental standard, as far as picking up on the playbook, knowing what defenses are doing and to be able to process all that very quickly."

Regarding Kap's new spotlight, Kap said it was very different, and he is still not used to it. He feels like a normal person and he's still adjusting to the fame. When asked how he would like to be seen, Kap stated he wanted to be seen as "different." He noted he doesn't "want to be in a category. I don't want to be the same as anybody else."

Rome went onto question Kap about Harbaugh's appearance on Judge Judy. Further, and surely the most burning question on our minds, "How many pairs of kicks do you have and what's your favorite pair?" Kap stated, "I probably have about 400 pair now." His favorite pair are his Jordan 11. Clearly, he likes sneakers.

In any event, it was a fun, lighthearted interview. It is always exciting getting to know more about our players. Kap showed good spirit and it was fun to watch. Yet, I am processing the possibility Kaepernick won't be Kaepernicking. And, honestly, this notion doesn't sit well with me.