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PED usage is an issue beyond just the Seattle Seahawks

Are the 49ers innocent when it comes to PED use? I sure hope so.


A couple of days ago, Jim Harbaugh discussed the Seattle Seahawks' problem with PED usage. Failed drug tests have indicated a few Seahawks players have had problems with Adderall. Of course, as coach pointed out in his press conference, we can't really know what the drugs being used are. We can take players and their agents at their word and assume Adderall, or not. Ultimately, it doesn't matter. Players shouldn't be doing anything illegal or against NFL rules.

And that bears repeating: Players should not cheat. If they are caught, as a few Seahawks players have been, then they should be fully punished -- within reason, of course. But, I can't help wonder if there aren't 49ers who are using PEDs of some sort.

I started thinking about this in light of Harbaugh's comments. I did an emotional fist pump when he said, "Play by the rules. And you always want to be above reproach. Especially when you're good, because you don't want people to come back and say, they're winning because they're cheating." Boo ya, stupid dirty cheaters!

Except, can we be sure that the 49ers aren't cheating? Even just one player. Now, this has nothing to do with the team itself. In fact, Mr. Harbaugh and Trent Baalke have a reputation of running a class organization that tries to bring in classy players. If there is an organization in the NFL that doesn't have players cheating, I would imagine it is the 49ers. And I don't think that's homerism. I think most people around the league think we have a pretty good reputation.

My primary point is that I think every team in the league likely has a player taking PEDs. From what I understand, the NFL is pretty crappy about testing for PEDs. It's probably easier once you catch a guy on a team to catch more on the same team. That, or the Seahawks players are just so much more stupid than other players on other teams. But, the motivation is there. For every player. Superstars even. But, I imagine the highest use of PEDs in the league or amongst players who could just make a roster is only this didn't happen or that and ...

Yeah, that would be really hard. Imagine if your lifelong dream was about to come true if only you could be a bit better. Would you resist? I would like to think that I would. I really do. But, well, I can't imagine that. It would be so tough not to pop a pill if that would make you better.

So, I earnestly hope that no 49ers are taking PEDs. I hope that the coaching staff is being vigilant and that the medical staff is being even more vigilant. I want our players to be both physically awesome and morally perfect. But, the more I think about it in light of Harbaugh's comments, the more I'm suspicious.