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Golden Nuggets: Craig Dahl spills the beans; Justin Smith near 100%

Thursday, June 13, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Craig Dahl, as daft with the media as he is in the open field.
Craig Dahl, as daft with the media as he is in the open field.
Thearon W. Henderson

I was shocked to begin work on this version of the Nuggets after being incommunicado for most of the day at work to find that we're in a war of words with the Rams. Really, the Rams? Really? Sigh.... More on that later.

I'm running behind and there were a ton of links, so I'll dive right in.

The Rams...Really?

Here's the quote from Craig Dahl that started it all. I'm not sure why he said this to the media. Either Coach, or someone of higher authority (god?), gave him the okay or he's made a slip up. We (the franchise) don't really like media spats and we really don't like tactical info being made public. A tad bit confusing. | Dahl: 'The Rams tipped 49ers offensive plays' (Gin)

And thankfully, Cortland Finnegan, known for his grace and dignity, fired back at Craig Dahl. Not sure why he fired at Craig Dahl....Dahl made the error in my opinion. But Finnegan maybe threatened him? Hard to say. | Cortland Finnegan fires back at former teammate Craig Dahl on Twitter (BASG)

Now this is what irks me. Chris Long jumping in after some 49ers fans gave Finnegan some grief. Depending on what was said to Finnegan (Twitter can be brutal...) I understand sticking up for him. Long says this: "What have y'all done in the last 528 days, I'll go first...."

Sheesh...first he didn't go to English class. As for me...I worked like an adult, not enjoying a privileged upbringing and lifestyle befitting the child of a millionaire and didn't rub it in to a bunch of working class Joes and teenagers on Twitter. What a B-Hole. | Chris Long: 528 days since 49ers beat Rams (Sando)

You know who'd be a good guy to sort all of this impartial observer with NFC West ties. If only we knew where....wait...Sando! Note the note at the bottom giving Niners Nation props. Thanks. | On Rams sniffing out 49ers' play tendencies (Sando)

Cortland Finnegan reacts to Craig Dahl's revealing of tipping plays (Gin)

Dahl shares Rams' secrets of success: 49ers' offensive alignments (Inman)

Minicamp Notes

For all those people who got really angry when people said there's no reason to expect anything out of A.J. Jenkins this year, here's your ammo. I'm of the camp that says that he must produce this season, he had a horrible rookie year (no excuses) and that he's given us no reason to be optimistic....until now! For the second day in a row, he's all the buzz. | 49ers minicamp notes (day 2): A.J. Jenkins lives up to yesterday's hype (BASG)

Daniel Kilgore scored a touchdown. What the hell. Ricardo Lockette flashed a burst of speed on a kickoff return that made NaVorro Bowman go 'Whoo!' | Practice report: Carswell injures knee; Kilgore celebrates TD catch; Dahl gets INT (Inman)

Matt Barrows notes the interesting dynamic going on between Scott Tolzien and B.J. Daniels. They're presumably fighting for the No. 3 QB position. Daniels is also flashing athleticism and versatility by lining up at tailback. Tolzien is throwing passes to his competition. Weird. | Minicamp notes: Interesting dynamic between QBs Tolzien and Daniels (Barrows)

Maiocco also notes that Daniels looked good. The wide receivers looked good. Corey Lemonier looked good, even dropping back into coverage. He's a converted DE, remember. There's a quote at the bottom of the post from Fangio on Nnamdi Asomugha that doesn't bode too well for all you Nnamdi fans. | 49ers minicamp Day 2: Strong day for Daniels, WRs (Maiocco)

49ers minicamp notes: Day 2 (Gin)

49ers emphasize red zone work (

BJ Daniels enjoys a busy minicamp (

Minicamp: Day 1 recap (

Justin Smith

I love Justin Smith. Look, my wife's out while I'm writing this, and I might not say it if she were here. She doesn't understand 'sports' at all. She understands why it's fun to play basketball...she doesn't understands why I love Justin Smith. If only she could read this... | Justin Smith says he's ‘almost 100%,' isn't opposed to getting fewer reps (BASG)

I like this post because the picture included is exactly how I felt when I read the headline. See for yourself. | Justin Smith will be ready for 49ers training camp (SF Gate)

Justin Smith: "Thinking about 2013 and 2013 only, almost at 100 percent" (Gin)

49ers' Justin Smith focusing on one season only (Maiocco)

VIDEO - Matt & Mindi: Will the 49ers give Justin Smith contract extension?

Personnel Moves

Is it just me, or are we extra busy on the personnel front right now. It's hard to ever think about June moves of the past, so I feel like I may be forgetting. Are we busier than usual? Fooch? Anyone? | Report: 49ers sign WR Brandon Carswell, release TE Cameron Morrah (Gin)

Welcome get healthy! | WR Carswell signs with 49ers; sustains knee injury in practice debut (Branch)

Here's an odd tidbit that I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere. Harbaugh admitted that they could have brought Parys Haralson back at the end of last season based on a new exemption clause implemented last season. Why are we saying this out loud? Where's our shroud of secrecy? I don't know how much he could have helped us, but once you get used to a shroud of's like a security blanket. | 49ers: Jim Harbaugh admits mistake in handling Parys Haralson move (Mercury News)

I thought I'd include this under 'Personnel Moves' because this will, unfortunately, probably precipitate one. Rookie fullback Alex Debniak, from Stanford suffered a season-ending torn achilles tendon. I'd assume that puts an end on his year/career with the 49ers. | 49ers rookie sustains torn Achilles (Maiocco)

49ers sign WR Brandon Carswell (

Greg Roman

Greg Roman plans to lock himself in a room with Eric Mangini (Barrows)

Roman: I'm thinking about 2013 (Maiocco)

Other News

Please, oh please, oh please let this be so. Is there really any other option after watching the team's defensive line collapse at the end. We're aiming to play 19 games next year. We're not playing 16 games where the coach is fighting for his job and needs to break .500 by any means necessary. | 49ers weigh platoon on defense (Barrows)

It's good to see Pete Carroll come back against Coach Harbaugh's jab yesterday. Mild response, but there's not much he can say. Next time he asks "What's your deal?", we know what he's talking about. 2 for $5? 10 for $20? What's your deal? | Carroll offers tepid response to Harbaugh barbs (PFT)

A lot of people were worried about Eric Reid after last week. Comments like these from Vic Fangio don't necessarily allay our fears, but he's telling the truth. | 49ers' Vic Fangio: 'Nobody set' in free safety battle for Dashon Goldson's spot (Mercury News)

It's good to see when a veteran comes along and shows all the youngsters how it's done. We're not the team that needs this the most, but you like the effort. | Newcomer Osgood impresses Harbaugh with study habits

Lawrence Okoye! Now that I have your attention, you can check this small article out about the 49ers and the Olypmian. | 49ers still uncertain about Olympian's football potential (Mercury News)

Coach's Notebook: June 12 (

Did Jim Harbaugh overplay his hand after PED comments? (Ratto)

Niners Kyle Williams looks fit, ready to compete (NBC)

Matt Maiocco's 49ers chat transcript (6.12) (Maiocco)

Kassim Osgood is a quick study (

Being a Sheep

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