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NFLPA Rookie Premiere: Quinton Patton, Marcus Lattimore

Check out NFL rookies (including 49ers) chatting it up with SB Nation at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere in LA.

The NFLPA has developed an event called NFLPA Rookie Premiere, and it provides rookies a chance to get their name out there with card companies and sponsors, and get some fun media exposure. The past two years, SB Nation has been one of the event sponsors, helping provide some offbeat coverage of the new NFL players.

We'll have more 49ers specific videos in the coming weeks, but this first video features 49ers rookies mixed in with some other players. The video is 3:25, so it is quick and easy to watch. The 49ers are mixed in throughout. Marcus Lattimore conducts an interview, and Quinton Patton interviews Landry Jones and proclaims he could defeat Tavon Austin and Marquise Goodwin in a foot race. He did clarify that it would need to be a mile. Maybe they can just extend the football, now.

The funniest non-49er moment was probably a conversation between Denard Robinson and Eddie Lacy. Robinson placed at Michigan, and Lacy is heading to Green Bay. Robinson provided some advice to Lacy about staying warm, and it involved "hella vaseline". Go ahead and watch to see the details.