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Frank Gore talks motivation and Marcus Lattimore

Frank Gore met with the media on Thursday, and had a chance to discuss what drives him. He also spoke about working with Marcus Lattimore.

The 49ers are wrapping up their mandatory minicamp today, and Frank Gore was among the players available to speak with the media. The Bay Area Sports Guy was on hand and shot the above video. You can read a bit more of it over at BASG.

Gore remains motivated, and the highlight of the video might be how he quickly names off the five running backs that were drafted ahead of him in the 2005 NFL Draft. Gore slipped into the third round because of mutliple knee injuries, and he has kept that at the forefront of his motivation.

And of course, this applies to a certain fourth round pick the 49ers made this season. Said Gore:

"That's what I told Marcus Lattimore. That's a thing I kept in my head. If you ever get the opportunity to be the man, you always compete with the guys who went in front of you. That was one of my goals when I was the sixth back picked. And he was the sixth back picked in his draft. I told him, whenever I'm done, remember that."

Gore has been sidelined for practices, but it sounds like it is as much about getting ready for the season as anything else. He told the media that Jeff Ferguson (Director of Football Operations and Sports Medicine) wanted to keep him from doing anything at this point. He said he felt good and was simply getting his body back and in shape.

Check the video above and head over to to read more about his Q&A.