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49ers minicamp: Colin Kaepernick finishes strong, Eric Reid sits out and more

The 49ers wrapped up their 2013 mandatory minicamp with a third day of practice. We've got some recaps to look over.


The 49ers wrapped up their mandatory minicamp on Thursday, leaving the veterans to go their separate ways. I'd imagine some will stick around Santa Clara for rehab and general strength and conditioning work, but plenty will head off to do their own thing until training camp starts next month.

More minicamp practice reports: Day One Day Two

The rookies will stick around for one more week of instruction, but otherwise, the dead zone will soon be upon us. The next six weeks are the true NFL offseason. In the preceding four or so months we had free agency and draft prep and follow-up, along with the offseason workout program. The next six weeks mean nothing. It's really not that awful, but it is what is. I'm sure everybody's pumped up after that!

On to the practice reports. Usual reminder: They're posted at the bottom of this article, and I recommend reading each of them for yourself. I am pulling out a few things I found particularly interesting, but I'm sure others will find other tidbits they prefer.

1. Colin Kaepernick finished strong

It has been a relatively quiet month of OTAs and minicamp for Colin Kaepernick which is neither bad nor good. It just is. However, based on the practice report, he finished strong with four or five great throws. The 49ers are installing and executing their offense, and one has to imagine there will be plenty of adjustments available when defenses begin making their own adjustments this fall. Preseason action won't tell us a whole lot since we'll be seeing a lot of vanilla defenses, so for now it's just a matter of getting it down and being ready for the real thing. It's really not that complicated when it comes to Kaepernick and what to expect in the coming months.

2. Eric Reid sat out practice, Anquan Boldin sat out team drills

According to Coach Harbaugh, Reid has a "minor little thing he's working through". That's code for who knows what. Reid was scheduled to work with the No. 1 defense today, but this "minor little thing" prevented that. Here's hoping it's just a matter of precaution for now. The 49ers rookies will be sticking around for another week, so it's possible we'll learn a little more before they depart in advance of training camp.

Boldin tweaked something yesterday, with the general belief that it was minor. He took part in some individual work but not team drills. Coach Harbaugh said he felt like Boldin had done enough and he wanted to get the younger receivers more reps. With minicamp wrapped up, we'll have to wait for training camp to see Boldin back on the field.

3. Kyle Williams was back for some more individual and warm-up work

He did not take part in team drills, but he did warm-up work, and made some catches. The 49ers posted this Vine of Williams making a deep catch.

4. Chris Culliver has been sitting out practices

As I'm reading it, Culliver is there and in uniform, but not involved in team drills. There's been no explanation of his absence, but I have to think it would be some kind of ailment. We're left to guess, but I'd hope it's precautionary and he'll be good to go by training camp. There does not appear to be a reason to think otherwise.

5. A.J. Jenkins had a nice catch

Your daily A.J. Jenkins update! The 49ers wide receiver apparently made a fantastic diving catch. He was not a frequent target, with two catches, and one was knocked loose after by Tramaine Brock. But he had a nice catch as well. Take it however you want (as I'm sure everyone will!).

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