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Golden Nuggets: Wherein we wait for the day we can just slap on a new ACL and get back to work

Friday, June 14th, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.


Good morning ladies and gents. So the newest member of the San Francisco 49ers, Brandon Carswell, tore his ACL immediately after being signed. That sucks because the 49ers liked him, and it sucks because a young player is essentially screwed out of a season. Sometimes I see an injury and just say "that sucks," and move on but right before training camp, I always get really bummed out by them.

Either way, the 49ers wrapped up their minicamp, though the rookies will be sticking around. I have to say, I'm excited for safety Eric Reid, and hope the minor little injury he was dealing with is actually a minor little thing. You can never tell with Jim Harbaugh and the way he talks to the media.

Anyway, let's get to your links for the day. Enjoy.

Of course opposing teams have picked up on cues. That's just one of the little aspects of the games that is constantly being played out. Every defensive player is watching for a cue -- that's why you see them motion to other players before the snap. They think they know whats up. This isn't new. | Harbaugh on Dahl debriefing: 'Yeah, of course we asked him' (Barrows)

Hey, imagine that, a Seahawks cornerback is acting like a little punk. These guys are just ridiculous at this point, and it's going to be even more satisfying when the Seahawks hit a wall this season. Can't wait to see who gets suspended for PEDs next -- and it's not Adderall. | Browner on Harbaugh: 'I'd put my hands around his neck' (Maiocco)

Wideout Brandon Carswell tears ACL; 49ers deliberating on Austin Collie (Barrows)

Tight end talk: Harbaugh calls Vernon an 'absolute stud,' McDonald is probably No. 2 (BA Sports Guy)

49ers minicamp notes (day 3): Vance McDonald shines on his birthday (BA Sports Guy)

Collie leaves without a 49ers contract (Maiocco)

49ers' Bowman carries memories of two mentors (Poole)

Fangio: Young linemen must earn play time (Maiocco)

Colin Kaepernick being more vocal since starting at quarterback (Gin)

Gore wants Lattimore to follow in his footsteps -- and beat the RBs drafted ahead of him (BA Sports Guy)

Fangio says Carlos Rogers will remain in the nickel position (Barrows)

Olympian Okoye much further behind than other 49ers rookies (Maiocco)

NFL to limit bags brought into stadiums (Sac Bee)

Turning 30 provides inspiration for Gore (Maiocco)

49ers minicamp Day 3: Kaepernick ends with a flourish (Maiocco)

Final notes from the final 49ers' minicamp practice (Lynch)