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Cool picture from 49ers 1996 contest with Washington

A pretty sweet picture from a 1996 49ers game.


Over the course of a given day people will tweet me some of the most random things. Yesterday, @EastWestHighway (Taylor) tweeted me a cool picture his dad took back in 1996. The 49ers traveled to RFK to face Washington in what would prove to be the second-to-last home game Washington would play at RFK. Taylor sent along some of his thoughts from the day:

As we got off the Metro at Stadium-Armory and walked towards RFK and got in our seats, it was definitely the most excited I've ever been in my life. My father took me to my first NFL game on November 24, 1996 and snapped this beauty on a cold, overcast DC afternoon. Two Hall of Famers matched up at the line of scrimmage. William Floyd lined up in the background. Second to last game at RFK and it was on fire. It would be the final time Washington lost at RFK. Niners 19-16 in OT. Miss ya dad.

I saw the picture and knew I wanted to post it, so here it is. It's just a really cool picture featuring two of the NFL's all-time greats in Jerry Rice and Darrell Green. Add in a cameo from William Floyd and this is a pretty sweet picture. Enjoy!

On a side note, you may have noticed repeated references to Washington in the article. I've decided I do not want to refer to Washington by their team name. Some may disagree, but I am in the camp that thinks they should change it. Given that I think that, it does not seem appropriate to reference them that way in articles. I am not going to ban the use of the word here at NN, but hopefully some of you agree with me on the team name. Whatever the case, I am attempting to remove it from my own vocabulary. Dan Snyder claims he will never change it, but fingers crossed the Trademark Board rescinds the trademark and financial reasons force a change.