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49ers players talk about the "best part of minicamp"

The 49ers digital media crew shot shot some Vines featuring players discussing what they liked best about minicamp.


Social media has become a fairly prominent part of the sports world, whether it be players tweeting random comments, people posting pictures from sporting events on Instagram, or just about anything else.

Your very own San Francisco 49ers are one of the leaders in social media usage. They are extremely active on Twitter and Facebook, and they are embracing all sorts of new opportunities to get the word out about the 49ers. If you are on Twitter, I recommend following @TaylorPrice49, @ScottKegley and @49ersPR. They tweet an assortment of random and interesting content day in and day out, even in the offseason.

The latest 49ers venture into social media is on Vine. For those that don't know what Vine is, it's a video app that allows for quick takes. You can film a maximum of six seconds on a single "Vine", which you can then tweet out. The video is set to autoplay, but it is muted initially, so you just need to click the un-mute button to listen.

The 49ers digital media crew shot some Vine video with members of the team, asking them what they felt was the best part of minicamp. Alex Boone (at the bottom) probably wins for best video. With minicamp a wrap, we'll have plenty more wrap-up content, but for a Saturday morning, I thought I would share this.