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Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! What's your favorite sports memory with your dad?

Rob Carr

Happy Father's Day to all the dads of Niners Nation. Hopefully you're enjoying funny cards, new ties, and maybe a nice brunch today. And whether you're a dad or not, make sure and call your own dad!

Speaking of which, our own Jim Harbaugh likely has already called his dad. I say that with some measure of confidence, even though he is in Peru right now doing some charity work with his church. According to his brother, John, there is a competition among the siblings to be the first one to call their dad, Jack. I don't think this surprises anybody in the least given the competition within the Harbaugh family. Also, Peru is only one hour behind eastern time, so Jim Harbaugh has a good chance of getting in the first Happy Father's Day!

Do you have a particularly fond sports memory with your dad? It can be a single event, or an accumulation of events. Maybe you saw a great game together, or maybe you went to games together frequently with season tickets. For me, when I was living in the Bay Area and working for the Oakland A's (and even after I was working for them), my dad would come down whenever the Red Sox came to town. My dad's originally from Boston, so he's a big Red Sox fan. The most entertaining game was the extra inning, Ramon Hernandez walk-off bunt game, but they were all fun. He also made it down when the Patriots came to town, and we met up in Foxboro for 49ers-Patriots.

What's your favorite memory?

Happy Father's Day, dads!