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Vance McDonald talks with SB Nation

Vance McDonald sat down with SB Nation to discuss his transition into the NFL.

Last month, various NFL rookies attended the NFLPA Rookie Premiere in Los Angeles. SB Nation is one of the event sponsors, and had a chance to sit down with the players in attendance. Late last week I posted some video from Marcus Lattimore's interview with SB Nation. Today, we move on to tight end Vance McDonald.

SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein sat down with McDonald and discussed a variety of topics over the course of the six minute interview. We get to hear from McDonald about his expected role with the team, learning a new language with the playbook, and the biggest challenges moving on to the NFL.

In case you weren't aware, McDonald recently became engaged after proposing to his girlfriend on the Golden Gate Bridge. The proposal happened not too long after this video was shot. It's a fun story, worth a read.

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