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49ers new stadium: Yahoo! named exclusive online sports content, social networking, and photo and video sharing partner

The 49ers announced a new Founding Partner for their stadium. Yahoo! joins the crowd.

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The San Francisco 49ers wrapped up minicamp last week, which means we will not see a lot of football-specific news for the next five weeks. The franchise is still busy however, as they continue securing deals to support Levi's Stadium. The latest features their biggest partner to date, as Yahoo! is hooking up with the team. The 49ers announced earlier this afternoon that Yahoo! has been named the exclusive online sports content, social networking, and photo and video sharing partner for Levi's Stadium and the San Francisco 49ers.

According to the 49ers:

Yahoo! will plan an essential role in enhancing the in-stadium entertainment experience with its popular photo and video sharing site, Flickr, and Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football.
Yahoo! will receive entitlement and branding rights to the Fantasy Football lounge, and its two adjacent viewing platforms, located in the stadium's suite tower, as well as integration into the in-stadium fan experience and broadcast and digital media. Throughout the stadium at various concourse booths, fans can use Flickr to upload their photos to the 49ers Flickr photo gallery with the chance to be featured on one of the big screens and be a part of the game.

The Fantasy Football lounge intrigues me as much as anything. One thing that people like to do on Sunday is check their fantasy football team(s). It can be difficult to do that on your phone at the stadium, although the 49ers are looking to provide top-of-the-line bandwidth at Levi's Stadium. That being said, it would be nice to figure out ways to integrate fantasy football content into the new stadium. Any thoughts on how the 49ers and Yahoo! could integrate fantasy football content?

I imagine somewhere, Jimmy Raye and Mike Singletary are wondering what exactly is going on.

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