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49ers release Vine of new stadium views

The 49ers released five Vine videos of the inside of Levi's Stadium. Take a look!

@49ers on Twitter

The San Francisco 49ers have been one of the more prominent NFL teams on social media, and they added to that recently when they joined Vine. I've mentioned it before, but for those unaware, Vine is a mobile video app that allows a user to shoot videos up to six seconds in length. People have gotten quite creative with them as you can do quite a bit with only six seconds. To watch, scroll over the unmute button.

I bring this all up because the 49ers provided some interesting Vine material today. They shot five Vine videos, starting at the entrance to Levi's Stadium, and making their way through different parts of the new stadium. I'd say the highlight might be the walk through the concourse. Given how small the concourse seems at Candlestick Park, this would appear to be a little bit bigger. I know plenty of people will appreciate that.

You can view more 49ers video here.