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Golden Nuggets: Yahoo! partnership is neat, I guess

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.


So the big news right now ... is that the San Francisco 49ers partnered with Yahoo! for some stuff. I guess that's neat! Realistically, I'm a big fan of what Yahoo! has been doing as a company since Marissa Miller Meyer took the reigns, but beyond that, it's hard to get excited about these kinds of partnerships! All it will mean for me is probably a "Reblog this on Tumblr!" link at the bottom of posts.

Anyway, we're going to jump right into your links for the day. Running a little light, so if you come across any I missed, link them in the comments. Go 49ers.

I do wonder if any of the fantasy football stuff will pan out ... Really, it will probably just be something interesting you can see while at the game but ultimately nothing terribly exciting. | Dear Mr. Fantasy: 49ers strike deal with Yahoo to enhance stadium experience (Barrows)

I think it's weird to suggest that he's "playing wide receiver," when he goes out to catch a pass, but yes, I do think that tight end Vernon Davis will be catching more passes this year. Personally, I think the 49ers' success depends on it, what with Michael Crabtree's injury | Could Vernon Davis play more wide receiver this season? (Cohn)

Some interesting things here. But one thing I want to talk about is Ian Williams. I personally can't imagine him being a serviceable defensive end. He's not Ricky Jean Francois. I do expect him to be a decent nose tackle, though. | 49ers pre-training camp depth chart (Barrows)

Jed York wants joint practice with Raiders, Nate Clements gets mentioned in article about it (BA Sports Guy)

York: Open practices to return during 2014 camp (Maiocco)

Frank Gore wants to continue silencing his critics (Gin)

MT: McDonald Shines at Minicamp (49ers)