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49ers overrated and underrated players: Who you got?

Who strikes you as overrated and underrated on the 49ers roster?


The slowness of the offseason leads to a variety of themed columns that are oft-repeated across the Internet. I'd like to say everything we create here at Niners Nation comes from my own brilliant mind, but that is hardly the case. Today, we continue forth with an Internet favorite: overrated and underrated players!

A couple weeks ago, CBS Sports Pete Prisco put together his overrated and underrated players for each team. For the 49ers, he listed Vernon Davis as most overrated, and Ahmad Brooks as most underrated:

Overrated: TE Vernon Davis. He is good, and he did some good things in the playoffs, but why do people think he ranks in the top three among tight ends when he didn't do enough in the regular season with 41 catches?

Underrated: OLB Ahmad Brooks. On a talent-laden group, he gets overlooked. That's a mistake. Some offensive coordinators I talked to raved about him.

If you're looking strictly at statistical production, I suppose you could say Vernon Davis is overrated. The problem with that view is that the game of football is about so much more than just the number of receptions you have. Vernon Davis is a great blocker, and he draws double teams, thus opening up other players. It is not a glamorous role, but it is an important role.

As for underrated, Ahmad Brooks is an easy one in this case. He is another guy who has not put up monster numbers, but he does a lot of the dirty work. I don't think he's undervalued by all 49ers fans, but I can see how fans across the league might overlook him.

Who would be your underrated and overrated players on the 49ers? I think it's a bit more difficult for us to define either since we pay so much attention to the players. For example, I've seen some call Carlos Rogers overrated, but given what we know about Rogers, is he really overrated? He might be overpaid, but that doesn't mean he's overrated when we know he struggled last year. What do you think?