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Vernon Davis, Anquan Boldin work in specific roles at minicamp

We have an update on some of the work Vernon Davis and Anquan Boldin did at minicamp.


Fooch's Note: Cam Inman provided a helpful update:

The 49ers minicamp did not provide many answers to the burning questions facing the 49ers, but there are still bits of information worth noting. According to Grant Cohn, Vernon Davis spent all of minicamp working with the wide receivers, as opposed to the tight ends. Additionally, Anquan Boldin lined up in the slot "a vast majority of the time."

The 49ers used two tight ends rather frequently last season, but one has to wonder how they'll work in their tight ends this season. Greg Roman is always looking for an edge, always looking to throw defenses off guard. Vernon Davis has done some work out wide the last two seasons, but nothing near what he has done on the line or just offset.

Imagine sending him out wide more frequently? He's a monster of a man with serious speed. I can't imagine a cornerback could do much bumping him off the line. Even though there are plenty of fast corners in the league, Vernon is fast enough that the speed issue could become a moot point. Once you've got Vernon and some 6'1 200 pound corner step for step, how could that corner get up over Vernon to break up passes? Imagine the pass interference calls he could draw?

Over on Twitter, Andrew Garda (friend of the site) asked if this was damning to the 49ers other wide receivers. I don't think there's any question Vernon Davis is the most talented receiver the 49ers have. He is a tight end, but his combination of size, speed and overall athleticism makes him one of the more unique weapons in the league. It would be foolish for Greg Roman not to figure out ways to get him more involved, particularly in light of Michael Crabtree's injury. Ideally another receiver will step up alongside Davis and Boldin, but Davis will be a significant factor in the offensive game plan.