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49ers, Greg Roman agree to two-year extension, according to Ian Rapoport

Reports are out that the 49ers have extended Greg Roman with a two year deal. He can still interview for HC jobs, but this would potentially keep him around through 2015.


What started out as a slow week is quickly picking up speed. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport just tweeted out that the 49ers have signed offensive coordinator Greg Roman to a two-year extension that will keep him under contract through 2015. That would indicate that Roman had originally signed a three-year contract with the 49ers. This comes shortly after the 49ers announced Justin Smith signed a two-year contract extension. I don't expect an announcement from the 49ers on Roman's extension. They are pretty quiet about their coaching staff contracts.

This does not guarantee Roman will be with the 49ers through 2015. He has interviewed for head coaching jobs, and likely will continue to do so. He has indicated he would like to become a head coach, and he is not required to get permission to interview for head coaching jobs while in a coordinator position.

It is also worth noting that if Roman originally signed a three-year contract, one has to imagine the rest of the 49ers coaching staff signed similar deals. There are no guarantees, but if this is the case, that would mean that Ed Donatell, a much sought after assistant, could be on the move after this coming season ends. Next year could be an intriguing offseason for the 49ers coaching staff moving forward.

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