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Michael Crabtree expecting to walk again in four weeks

Michael Crabtree tweeted out a minor update on his Achilles recovery.


It's been a busy evening, but we've got a little bit more news of sorts. Michael Crabtree sent out this tweet.

Taco Wednesday is always a good day, but the more pertinent news is that Crabtree expects to be walking again in four weeks. Since we've got a storystream dedicated to Crabtree's injury and recovery, I figured we'd slap this in here.

It has now been almost a month since Crabtree tore his Achilles tendon. I'd imagine Crabtree will be in a walking boot for a while. Demaryius Thomas discussed being in a boot for six to eight weeks. Terrell Suggs mentioned not doing much of anything for three months. We know that every recovery is different. Michael Crabtree would seem to have a chance at being up and moving around a bit after two months of recovery. Whatever it means or doesn't mean, we'll continue with updates as we hear more.