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Golden Nuggets: Justin Smith, Greg Roman extended

Thursday, June 20, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

"Hey kid, how'd you like an extra $13 million dollars?"
"Hey kid, how'd you like an extra $13 million dollars?"

There were a couple of key extensions yesterday that hogged up the majority of the headlines. Firstly, and of epic importance, was the news that Justin Smith has extended for two more years. I haven't seen the terms of the deal, but it's being said he'll retire a Niner. One of the biggest questions of the offseason has been "Will this be Justin Smith's last year as a 49er?" There were questions about whether he even envisioned playing beyond this season. We now have the answer. Even if his play drops off with age, a very real possibility, he'll be an asset to the red & gold. His leadership skills are by example. He works hard, and sets the tone and the younger players can follow. I was thrilled with this news when I read it this morning here in Oz.

Greg Roman, aka the 'mad scientist', has also been extended by two years. We've had some complaints with his play calling and his ability to change the game plan mid-game. The playoff run and the way the offense performed in those games, specifically the comebacks, may have alleviated some of those concerns. I also think that the playbook was curtailed after the botched pitch in the Rams game. With Colin Kaepernick having an entire offseason of reps at QB1, they'll have every confidence to unleash the full repertoire and the entire contents of the collective offensive genius will be on display. We've got some unique weapons on offense in Vernon Davis, LaMichael James and CK7. I'm expecting some TNT.

To the links...

Justin Smith Extension

I've put my two cents in above. I'll let the writers do the rest. Ruthless chimes in. | Justin Smith signs two-year extension, NFC West quarterbacks weep (BASG)

Chris Burke from SI tells us what we already know. But sometimes it's just nice to hear it. | Justin Smith contract extension a boon for Aldon Smith, 49ers (SI)

Here's the interview with 'Cowboy' from the official website. | Justin Smith signs contract extension (

And here's the transcript from that interview! | Justin Smith transcript: ‘They wanted me here, I wanted to be here, so that makes it easy' (Inman)

DL Justin Smith signs two-year extension with 49ers (Gin)

Cowboy re-ups: Justin Smith signs two-year extension that runs through 2015 (Inman)

On Justin Smith's new contract extension (Sando)

Greg Roman Extension

My two cents? See above.

Report: OC Greg Roman gets two-year extension with 49ers (Gin)

Greg Roman's extension and 49ers' offense (Sando)

Report: 49ers sign OC Greg Roman to two-year extension (Branch)

Patrick Willis Links

It's really great when your team has leaders like Justin Smith, Frank Gore and Patrick Willis. Nothing could be finer than to be a forty-niner. Some teams have selfish, booty-heads as their focal points. | Willis among 49ers with perfect attendance (PFT)

Patrick Willis: "Hungry to be better" (

Vernon Davis Links

We all know he has the speed. He's got size to be a nightmare matchup for smaller CBs and his blocking on the outside against those smaller CBs would be brutal. Whether or not this comes to pass may have as much to do with the development of Garrett Celek and Vance McDonald. Are his routes crisp enough? How do you guys feel about this? | Vernon Davis to play receiver for 49ers? (

Is Vernon Davis dabbling as a wide receiver? (NFP)

Colin Kaepernick Links

I really hope that we, and the nation as a whole, don't get oversaturated with Colin Kaepernick. I think he's a great guy, great player, with a great story. When he does amazing things, I want to hear about. But these two links are the kind of things that generally make me get sick of a player when they're on an opposing team. Just thought I'd throw this out there, especially since the tone of the Nuggets has been extremely positive. I'm a card-carrying pessimist!

The Colin Kaepernick experience (

Colin Kaepenick opens his official website (49erswebzone)

Other News

Asomugha: 'I'm still learning and getting everything mentally down' (Gin)

Dahl: Rams are 'up-and-coming team' (Maiocco)

Future Power Rankings: NFC West on rise (Sando)

Being a Sheep

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