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Seattle radio might be getting a little obsessed with what Seahawks players would do to Jim Harbaugh

Another Seahawks player had comments about Jim Harbaugh.

Stephen Brashear

I don't really feel inclined to go into much detail, but Seattle radio is officially getting out of control. 710 ESPN Seattle had Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate on the radio, and midway through the interview, they asked him what he would do if Jim Harbaugh were out on the field. Our friends at Field Gulls have the audio posted. It starts around the 4:45 mark.

The hosts led into the question by referencing Brandon Browner's comments about Harbaugh. They ask Tate what he would want to do to Harbaugh if they were on the field. He mentions first wanting to score on him, and then talks about giving him "the Sean Lee treatment". FG has some GIFs of that, which involved Tate putting a monster hit on Lee as Russell Wilson was scrambling. I don't know if that's considered an illegal hit now, but it's a pretty big blow, and a great block by the Seahawks wide receiver.

At this point, I don't really even care about Tate wanting to get physical with Harbaugh. Anything coming close to what happened with Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz would get broken up long before it got too physical. He was asked a pointless hypothetical question by a couple clowns on the radio, and he responded.

What I am spending more time thinking about (although not a lot), is how many more times the Seattle media will put this question to Seahawks players. I can't imagine this will be the last time. And at this point, it does seem like the Seahawks players are more inclined to talk this rivalry up. The 49ers acknowledge the rivalry, but we don't hear quite this kind of stuff coming out of their mouth. Anthony Davis talks some smack here and there, but it seems like it's more in-season and specifically about the games.

How frequently have we heard the 49ers players talking crap about Pete Carroll, or going into detail about the Seahawks? It seems like the 49ers coaching staff has done a slightly better job keeping the 49ers on message to a certain extent. Maybe this kind of stuff helps the Seahawks get fired up. You'd think a second place finish to the Super Bowl runner-up would be enough, but apparently not.