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What do you think of multiple cities for the NFL Draft?

The NFL is trying to get creative with their draft location. Does it make sense?

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

A couple weeks ago, Don Banks had an interesting report from league sources about some potential changes to the NFL Draft. According to Banks' sources, the NFL is tasking study groups to consider hosting the NFL Draft across multiple cities in one year, or at least moving it from city to city each year.

The NFL Draft was bumped back to May next year due to a big event at Radio City Music Hall, and this has provided the NFL with an opportunity to consider other changes to the draft. The biggest would be taking it on the road in some form or fashion. Moving it among major NFL cities could be one option, but my personal favorite is the idea of hosting the draft at multiple cities in one year. For example, you could host day one in New York City, day two in Chicago and day three in San Francisco. It would require some logistical work, but I could see it potentially adding to the spectacle of it all.

The NFL is considering various moves on the calendar, with some discussion of trying to have a significant event every month. Right now, the NFL has finally hit the full-on offseason. There is nothing from the end of mandatory minicamp in mid-June to the start of training camp in late July. The league will move the draft back to May next year, so we'll see if that gets offseason workout programs bumped back into the end of June.

Is it time to make some changes to draft logistics? Would you want it moving around to different cities, and potentially coming to San Francisco? Or do you even care?