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Colin Kaepernick continues to help the kids of Camp Taylor

49ers QB Colin Kaepernick has been actively involved with Camp Taylor. The camp is set up for kids with heart problems, and Kap has been an active participant with them.


Professional athletes do all sorts of work with various charities, but sometimes it is as much just for show as anything else. 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is involved with a place called Camp Taylor, which is a camp set up for kids with heart defects. The camp founders had a child with a heart defect who struggled at times, feeling different from other kids. The camp provides a chance for these kids to meet others like them.

Kap got involved with the charity because of his own adopted family's background. The Modesto Bee put together an article yesterday on how Kap got involved. The Kaepernicks had two infant boys die because of heart defects. When Colin was drafted, and got a check for something (I'm guessing some early endorsement or trading card payment), he told his parents he wanted to "donate this check somewhere where it'll help kids with heart defects."

He donated the money, but he has gone further, becoming an active part of the camp. He has an annual golf tournament to raise money for them (it is tomorrow, thus the timing of the Bee article), but he also does much more with the kids. The Camp Taylor twitter account has tweeted out a variety of pictures of Kap with the kids at the camp, and also outside Candlestick Park. I thought I would embed some of those tweets below.

If you want to donate to Camp Taylor, at the official website, click on "Ways to Help". They have specific needs beyond just cash donations.