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49ers depth chart: What does the offensive line tell us?

We take a look at a potential depth chart for the 49ers offensive line. What does it tell us as we move toward training camp?

Christian Petersen

Although the San Francisco 49ers will wait as long as is humanly possible to release their first depth chart, Matt Barrows has put together his own thoughts on the 49ers depth chart. I thought we'd take a look at different portions of it, starting on the offensive side of the ball.

Along with that, I have put together a new page for the 49ers depth chart. For now it's based off Barrows projection, and the plan is to keep it updated as the 49ers release new versions each week. They will release a depth chart at some point during training camp, and then a new one is released each week with the game release. Rather than simply make changes to it and erase old versions, I'm going to add in an updated depth chart each week above the previous versions. That way people can use it as a point of reference to see how the depth chart has changed throughout the season.

First up from Matt Barrows depth chart projection, the offensive line.

LT: Joe Staley, Kenny Wiggins, Carter Bykowski
LG: Mike Iupati, Adam Snyder, Wayne Tribue
C: Jonathan Goodwin, Daniel Kilgore, Sherman Carter
RG: Alex Boone, Joe Looney, Al Netter
RT: Anthony Davis, Patrick Omameh

There is nothing too surprising to come out of this group. Kenny Wiggins and Adam Snyder have handled first team snaps on the left side of the line with Joe Staley and Mike Iupati recovering from offseason surgeries. In case you missed it, Staley had his knee scoped, while Iupati had surgery for what is being described as a minor shoulder injury.

Snyder has as much versatility as anybody on the 49ers offensive line, but with Kilgore and Looney provided depth on the interior of the line, a strong performance from Kenny Wiggins could be the difference in a roster spot. If the team is looking to have one veteran backup to go with Kilgore and Looney, Snyder makes sense. But given that he has more or less reached his ceiling, does it matter if he's a veteran? For backup purposes, it could be enough, but I'm just not sure.

The 49ers drafted Carter Bykowski with a seventh round compensatory pick, and I imagine he'll get a look, but the practice squad seems a lot more likely for him.

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