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Anthony Dixon seems ready for training camp to get started

Anthony Dixon thrives on the doubters. We'll see if the drive is enough to secure a roster spot in 2013.

Ezra Shaw

Every year, Anthony Dixon finds himself in a situation where the doubts arise and people wonder whether or not he will make the roster. He's become a leader on special teams, but as the team adds talent, doubts filter in. I don't know how many posts we've had talking about the tenuous nature of his roster spot, but it's an annual exercise at this point.

Dixon seems to be constantly aware of this cloud, and seems to thrive on it. He shot out a flurry of tweets about this early this afternoon. He always appears to be a bubble guy, and this year is no different. With Kendall Hunter returning to health, and LaMichael James showing what he could do late last season, Dixon could be battling Jewel Hampton for a roster spot. Hampton has practice squad eligibility, but if he impresses in August, it might be tough to slide him through waivers. Would the 49ers keep him AND Dixon on the 53-man roster in 2013?