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Updated NFL odds 2013: 49ers Super Bowl odds actually improve

We've got some updated Super Bowl, win total and divisional odds for you.

MGM Grand

The folks at the LVH sports book continue to adjust their odds as we approach training camp, and in a bit of a surprising move, they have lowered the 49ers odds. The 49ers are currently installed at 5/1, making them co-favorites with the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots. The Seahawks are right behind at 7/1, and the Packers and Texans sit at 12/1. The LVH previously had the 49ers at 6/1 shortly after the draft.

Since the draft, the most notable 49ers news has been the loss of Michael Crabtree. I would have thought at the very least the odds would remain the same, if not get worse, but they have not. The Patriots odds also continue to hold steady even as Rob Gronkowski deals with back surgery, and Aaron Hernandez deals with his own mess. I imagine the sports books are going to hold steady on the Patriots for now while they wait to see how all this stuff sorts itself out.

The LVH continues to hold the 49ers at an over/under of 11.5 wins. They also have the 49ers at 5/6 to win the NFC West. The division odds shake out as follows:

49ers: 5/6
Seahawks: 11/10
Rams: 10/1
Cardinals: 30/1