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Best question and answer ever

Matt Maiocco's weekly Q&A provided one of the best questions and answers to date.

Michael N. Todaro

Earlier this afternoon, Matt Maiocco put together his weekly Q&A over at CSN Bay Area. The questions hit a lot of obvious topics, but once in a while we'll get a random one. Today, we got one such question that was an absolute home run:


Rather than Seahawks players talking about going after Harbaugh on the field, why haven't we set up the steel cage match to end all steel cage matches? Harbaugh vs. Carroll, with their pick of a tag-team partner? This really is the most logical conclusion.

I think Harbaugh has the physical edge, but you know Carroll might just be a little too fast for him. Given that, if they went into a tag team match, does Harbaugh bring in some speed, or does he just go for the size with Smith? I'd actually contend Lawrence Okoye is the better option. Okoye brings a serious combination of size and speed, and his experience in rugby would be a boost when it come to wrestling with no pads.

Which ever player gets the call to team with Coach Harbaugh, we need to get Vince McMahon on the line.

Head over to CSN Bay Area to check out the rest of Matt Maiocco's chat.

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