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Vernon Davis on Seahawks: "They're building a dynasty over there"

Vernon Davis had some positive comments about the Seahawks, and the challenge they represent in the NFC West.

Jed Jacobsohn

Earlier this afternoon, Vernon Davis made an appearance on NFL Network to discuss the 49ers, his role in 2013, and the NFC West. The comments that have gotten the most play on Twitter were about the Seattle Seahawks. He was asked about the division in general, and naturally he went right to the Seahawks. Here is a quick transcription of those particular comments:

You got a team like Seattle who's coming up. I mean, they're building a dynasty over there. They've got some good players over there who's eager to win. I mean, these guys are starving. So, we have to really keep that in mind because these guys are coming to take us out. I respect them, just like I respect my team. But WE want to win too. We're in it to win. We don't want to lose, especially after last year. We get all the way to the Super Bowl, lose a game. We have to really take it upon our responsibility and put it all out there like it's our last game.

I'm sure people will break those comments down every which way, and some of the writers already jumped on that. I don't know if dynasty is necessarily the term I would have used, but I think most of us get what Davis was saying. The Seahawks have put together a very good young team that has a chance to be successful for some time. When I think dynasty, I think more along the lines of the Patriots earlier last decade, the Cowboys in the early '90s, the 49ers in the '80s and so forth.

Rather, the NFC West features two of the best teams in the conference, and both teams are set up to potentially have success for the foreseeable future. Things can change on a dime, but as they are currently situated, both teams are in excellent position to control the NFC West. That being said, the Rams are slowly climbing back into things, and the Arizona Cardinals could be a deep sleeper if Carson Palmer can stay on his feet.

Personally, I prefer when the 49ers players are complimenting the Seahawks. Jim Harbaugh does not like when his own team receives compliments, as he feels that opens the door for Freddy P. Soft to weasel his way into the locker room. So, why not throw a little Freddy P. Soft at the Seahawks, right?

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