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Golden Nuggets: Vernon Davis talks Seahawks, Harbaugh's enemies

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Vernon Davis listens to the news from Australia.
Vernon Davis listens to the news from Australia.

Not much going on. I know I promised to talk about my dog Bandit, so-named because he had a sort of black patch over his eyes like a ye olde-timey robbers mask. But politics is getting crazy in Australia.

Over here, one party can choose to replace their leader in the middle of their term as prime minister. It makes sense if the party not in power can do it...but you could have voted for Obama, the Democrats could decide in the middle to switch to Hillary Clinton, and you'd still see out the 4 year term. That's what's going on here, right now...tonight. Except the guy who they're going to replace the prime minister with in the middle of the term is the guy who she replaced in the middle of his term! Confusing? I sure am confused. Then to top it all off, they're voting between the two of them (within the party only) and the loser has agreed to quit politics forever. It's like a WWF loser-leaves-town battle. In-sane!!!

As for the 49ers. Vernon Davis said some stuff, Jim Harbaugh has some enemies, and my dog bandit was cute. Anything else?.....put it in the links.

Vernon Davis on Seahawks: 'They are building a dynasty' (CSN)

Even Jim Harbaugh's youth was fraught with enemies (

Vernon Davis - Is he really becoming a receiver? (SF Gate)

Colin Kaepernick, Kerri Walsh Jennings in ESPN `Body Issue' (Mercury News)

Here's an unfortunate license plate on a 49ers fan's Caddy (BASG)

Anthony Davis gives away his dog on Twitter (Awwwww....) (BASG)

Matt Maiocco's 49ers chat transcript (6.25) (Maiocco)

What was your favorite pet?

Being a Sheep

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