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Aaron Hernandez open thread

We might as well have an open thread for the Aaron Hernandez news.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Fooch's Update: Now reports are that he's being investigated in connection with a 2012 double murder. Not sure how much of this is just some due diligence, but this pretty crazy.

This has no bearing on the 49ers at this point, but with people commenting about the situation in other threads, I figured it was time to open a thread for some discussion. I'll try and update this with pertinent info, but for now, feel free to post any info you see as it comes along.

As it currently stands, Hernandez has been arrested for an unnamed crime, and has also been released by the Patriots. We'll find out the crime(s) at approximately 11 a.m. PT. There were rumors last week that he would be charged with obstruction of justice. Given the attempted destruction of the cell phone and surveillance camera, I would not be surprised if obstruction was at least one of the charges. The big question of course is whether or not he gets charged with murder, conspiracy, or anything else.

We'll have more 49ers content throughout the day, so please keep the Hernandez discussion in here.